Podcast EP58: Vampire: The Masquerade

Carlos is joined by Nate Elwood to talk about the upcoming release of the latest version of VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE from Modiphius Entertainment. Nate will talk about the old style of play and how much fun such a dark game can...

Podcast EP57: Females and D&D

This week, Carlos & Brock change up for format a bit and discuss some of their favorite old time movies and how they can be translated into your favorite Roleplaying Games.

Podcast EP56: Campaign Block

Carlos and John talk about getting past 'campaign block' when running an RPG. John helps Carlos as he vents about his players and why they are so crazy! FREE RPG Day and Immortals Inc Overstock Warehouse is also discussed.

Podcast EP55: Gaming with Younger Players

Carlos invites John Dunn back for a talk and they discuss the challenges and joys of gaming with younger players. John makes some suggestions on games and techniques to get the whole family involved in the fun. Carlos has finally figured out the 'donate button' and...

Podcast EP54: Shadespire Underworlds

Carlos welcomes Simon Ingram to the podcast and he shares his vast knowledge on one of the latest releases from Games Workshop: SHADESHIRE Underworlds. Simon tells us what we get and what the game play is like. He also discusses events at our store and worldwide on...

Podcast EP53: Gaming with Marten

Carlos and Marten discuss the problem of switching between different role-playing systems and why it can become a problem. Marten also gets Carlos up to date on new Pathfinder products and company news...that he should have already known!

Podcast EP52: Discount Monday’s with Diana

Meet the driving force behind 'Diana's Discount Mondays' when Carlos' wife Diana joins the podcast for a little one-on-one time with her husband. Diana will discuss Monday Warhammer 40K, CARDFIGHT!! Vanguard, Magic and new and exciting products.

Podcast EP51: Warhammer 40,000K: Wrath & Glory RPG

Carlos is joined by John Dunn, local gaming writer, for a quick discussion of the latest incarnation of a Warhammer 40K RPG. John gives a quick overview of the newest 40K RPG being developed by Ulisses North America: WRATH & GLORY. With such credit as THE DARK EYE...

Podcast EP50: Tales from the Loop

'Tales from the Loop' RPG is sure to be fan favorite of anyone who loves Stranger Things, ET, Super 8 or any 80's movie...ever! Carlos and Marten discuss in some detail a new RPG called 'Tales from the Loop'...an RPG set in the 80's that never was. They talk about how...

Podcast EP47: An Introduction to the STARFINDER RPG

An introduction to the STARFINDER RPG which includes a brief description of classes and game play. Carlos invites Marten Dollinger to the show to talk about STARFINDERS RPG from Paizo. Learn about what you get with the purchase of the core book, how easy it is to get...

Podcast EP46: Frontier Magic

Join Carlos and special guest Eric Marti as they talk about Frontier Magic starting to played on Thursday Nights. Frontier Magic is an extended Standard Format that should appeal to casual players. Low in cost and easy to get into. Music: 'Succubus' by SKITTER from...

Podcast EP45: Weekly Events

A quick public message about Immortals Inc. Carlos does a quick and mobile rundown of the events at Immortals Inc and lets you all know we haven't forgotten about you!