Things You Want To Know

Are you really located in an office building?

Yes, we are located in the Park West building on the Lower Level. It adds to the mystery.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes we take all major credit cards. We also accept Apple / Android Pay and Chip cards. Our system can do it all.

What kind of products do you sell?

We sell all types of games. Everything from Board Games like Settlers of Catan, Roleplaying Games like Dungeons & Dragons, and Card Games like Magic: The Gathering. In addition to Magic: The gathering, we also sell Cardfight Vanguard, Force of Will, and other various card games. We also sell accessories for all your gaming needs. Sleeves, Dice, Playmats, Miniatures we have it all.

What if you don’t have the product I want?

If we don’t have it, we can custom order any product you want, as long as the product you want is still in print. We offer 15% off of the final sale price if you prepay for the item. Items are usually ordered on Monday / Tuesday and will arrive Thursday / Friday.

Do you buy cards?

We do in fact buy card singles from Magic: The Gathering, Cardfight Vanguard, and now Force of Will. Cards traded into the store are for store credit. We do offer cash for cards depending on the card. For cash you must talk to either Josh or Carlos.

Do you host tournaments or events?

Absolutely! Part of the fun here is playing with other people. We host a variety of events. Everything from Magic: The Gathering, Roleplaying, and Board Game Day. Play in a Constructed MTG tournament with 8 or more players and receive a FREE ENTRY for your next tournament of equal value. For a complete list of events, please check out our events page.

How do prizes work?

It depends on what type of event you are playing in. If you are participating in a constructed event, prizes are awarded in Store Credit. If you are participating in one of our limited events, prizes are usually awarded in the form of Booster Packs.

Do you have gift cards?

Yes we do! Gift cards can be sold and loaded with any amount that you desire. They can also be reloaded with more funds. Each card has a code on the back that can be used if you misplace or lose your card. Please treat your gift cards like cash, we are not responsible if they are lost or stolen. In the event that your gift card was lost or stolen, additional cards will have a $2.00 fee.

What can I spend my store credit on?

You can use Store Credit on anything in the store. Discounts or specials do NOT apply to Store Credit. A product purchased with Store Credit is at MSRP + Tax.

What can I not spend my store credit on?

You can not use store credit for any tournament entries, consignment items, or Store Specials (Pre–ordered Items, CCG Booster Pack Specials, Discounted Items, Discount Mondays).