Meet The Team

Carlos M. Robles

Owner / Purchasing Agent  / Scheduler / Podcast Host

With the new Night Watch Captain keeping the borders secure and the troops disciplined,  Carlos has set his sights on new horizons and has welcomed many new ideas.  To his dismay that involves a lot of book work and research.  His beloved days of field work and aggressive behavior might be behind him…but we have not gotten our hopes up.

With Josh’s presence now almost completely gone he must trust other family and allies to pick up the slack and lead us into new exciting things.  He hopes that the trust he puts into others will pay off in the long run.

Change is good…or so they say.  During a horrific pandemic that swept across the world Carlos saw an opportunity and recruited the strongest survivors from the Empire.  Diana suggested her niece, Rebekka, as a woman strong enough to fill any power void in the core Empire left by expansion and disease.

This proposition made Carlos nervous as Rebekka hailed from the foriegn land of Maditrern…a land known for it’s chaos and it’s aggressive dislike of discipline.  After much consideration and a little persuasion by Diana, Carlos agreed to the deal and appointed Lady Rebekka as Night Watch Captain.

Carlos is part-owner of the store and in charge of purchasing and head of management.

After the coup attempt Carlos sees the need to allow everyone to grow and carve out a piece of the Empire to make their own.  He sees that constant in-fighting has caused him to grow old and bring about sleepless nights. He has seen the wisdom in ruling from a place a safety and to protect and grow the borders of the Empire while those with youth and energy charge forward.  He, of course, will keep The Hound Cyrus close and hungry….

Josh, his step-son, recently made an attempt to overthrow Carlos and as a result Josh is no longer Master of Coin and some of his allies have been ‘dealt’ with.  Carlos moves to protect himself from threats from within and strengthen new and old allies.

Little is known of this seeming happy game store owner, as he has surrounded himself with individuals who are constantly keeping him from any extended contact with the public.  Any attempts to discover his true nature up to this time have meet with failure. As the Empire known as IMMORTALS INC. continues to grow he has taken and almost ‘hermit’ like attitude towards everything.  

  • Power Struggle (Lead) 81% 81%
  • Diplomacy 12% 12%
  • Intrigue 2% 2%

Josh Stollings

Owner / Store Manager / Web Designer / Live Stream Producer

Josh is still active on diplomatic matters in other lands and times.  He is a heralded performer across all lands and has made the Empire proud.  

While not present for day to day operations, Josh is at times still summoned to the Castle in order to complete some task needed for the Empire.  Carlos and Diana are appreciative of all the work he has done.  Diana is proud that her son has been able to forge ahead in the world and Carlos is happy that such an aggressive person has set his sights on other far away lands.

Seeing the weakness in other regions caused by the pandemic Josh has decided to carve out his own region by an aggressive assault on neighboring towns and villages.   While these plans were in secret his power and name grew too quickly that Carlos noticed.  This brought the Empire to the brink of civil war, but with negotiations from both sides there came a new understanding.

With the blessing of the Empire and without losing any power he held, Josh was sent out to conquer what he could and not only make his own region, but to grow the Empire in different and unpredicted manners.  Backed with all the support and a new set of allies Josh hopes to bring the name of Immortals Inc to all four corners of the globe.

Josh is part-owner of the store and is in charge of all the web and social media platforms.  Josh is also the day shift manager.

Josh has proven himself a mighty warrior that needs to only work on his strategy.  He maintains many secrets and builds even more clandestine allies, waiting for the opportunity to rule without any chance of failure.  Unable to turn Chris to his side, Josh turned to the blade and allowed his abilities with a thin blade to carve out more space for his budding plans….

In this attempt to take over Josh lost Taylor and Cyrus as a result of Carlos’ wrath.  Josh was reluctantly removed from control of the Coin and must rebuild his army in secrecy.  Josh will have a hard way to go as the most recent edition, Chris, seems to follow Diana and Carlos.  Josh will certainly have to sweeten the pot for Chris in order for his loyalty to be turned.


Being part man/part machine, Josh has been able to interface with any mechanical device since birth and he has used this ability to propel himself (both physically and financially) to a position of relative comfort and importance within the Empire.  While being helpful and intelligent, he has been able to blend into any situation and become part of any organization or clan. Using his stealth, Josh gained control of half of the Empire and has even secured control of the coffers.

Using sound tactic he has brought several allies into positions around him that, he believes, only secure his hold on the growing Empire.  With the placement of Marten, Taylor and Nancy in spots that allow him control of the growth he appears to have already made a move to control all that he sees.

  • Power Struggle 4% 4%
  • Diplomacy 27% 27%
  • Intrigue (Lead) 77% 77%

Diana Robles

Owner / Administrative Manager / Sales Associate

The Queen has firmly placed herself into a position of great power within the Empire.  Wrestling away and taking the power void that was left by Josh, Diana has shown great leadership using both empathy and single minded desire.  Diana shows great skill in recruiting allies and troops when needed and keeping everyone in place.

Not one to let a good power struggle go to waste, she has recently recruited her grandson and his girlfriend into our fold.  This ‘Golden Child’ she feels could offer and certain amount of youth and charisma to the Empire.  We shall see….

Diana was the first that could see that change was needed.  She was not wrong.  She was able to predict that a baby would bring about the need for help and reorganization.  Diana could see that both the growth of  Josh’s region, a secret she kept so perfectly, and the ever increasing size of the people who visited our Empire a strong person would be needed to supplement and maintain the core region.

Diana worked her will and was able to bring her niece Rebekka from the wildland of Maditern and secure her a spot close to her.  Diana knows that this will work and allow everyone to take a moment’s rest and work on other projects.

Don’t let it be lost on anyone that Diana knows that she has also placed a strong ally and family member in her corner, increasing her diplomatic pull in all matters.

Diana is in charge of our Administrative Office and Human Resources, keeping all our records, paperwork, overstock and prize support in proper order.  Diana is also in charge of all special events and parties held at Immortals Inc.

Diana, using her feminine guile, has slipped in an old friend, Shleigh,  into The Empire to maintain a strong supply chain. Carlos was very reluctant as she appeared out of nowhere and he knew nothing of this new face.  This, along with her recent increased activity in the Empire, has caused a strong inner growth of our forces and has brought new allies into the fold.  Carlos, being extremely happy with her hidden abilities, has doubled up protection of her. She may one day rule in his place…

After seeing the what happened to Marten and Taylor, Diana protects not only Josh and Nancy but has been trying to take Chris under her wing and protect and nurture him.  Unknown to Carlos she hopes to make Chris a strong asset for Josh…at least she hopes.

As the  IMMORTALS INC.  Queen, Diana has been the constant support that keeps her husband Carlos sane and stable. Having found Carlos at his lowest point, she nurtured him forward and has found a special place at his right hand in the Empire.  Diana’s free spirit and carefree attitude sometimes clashes with rigid standards of the IMMORTALS INC. Empire, but her beliefs keep it balanced, happy and always on guard.  Without Diana’s leadership and logistical skills, all our expansion by the IMMORTALS INC. Empire would have turned into a disaster.

CARLOS was so impressed by her abilities that he sealed her place as permanent part of the Empire by pronouncing her Queen of the ‘HIGH TIMES’, a title that she wears proudly.  She knows her son (JOSH) hungers for more, but reminds him that patience is a virtue. She keeps an eye on our Empire, letting all who reside in it know that the Empire can only run smoothly if it runs like a family.

  • Power Struggle 15% 15%
  • Diplomacy (Lead) 61% 61%
  • Intrigue 21% 21%

Rebekka Hilliard

Manager / Sales Associate

Even with the challenges of being from such a chaotic environment, young Rebekka has adapted well to the rigorous schedule that the Empire Demands.  Showing much promise in organization and team leadership she has brought in many amazing treasures and visitors that has increased the power and presence of our humble lands.

Carlos and Diana’s only concern with Rebekka is her obsession with a small mythical creature that she claims is stalking her dreams and that she must apprehend to be complete.  Rebekka claims this yellow demon, that she calls Pi-Ka-Cthu, is real and must be stopped.  Diana assures her that she will have the Hounds of the Empire track it down.

Hailing from the chaotic realm known as Maditern, a land of chaos and disorder, Rebekka is the long lost niece of Diana and has appeared to make a name for herself.   Carlos feels that she lacked discipline, but then saw that she was not the rebellious youth that he remembered.  Diana tells tales of how Rebekka has fought the horrors of the wildlands and returned with more than one head on her trophy wall.

After much debate and convincing Carlos and Josh agreed that fresh blood was needed to keep the Empire unpredictable and strong.  Carlos has some worries as her allegiance is obviously to Diana and Josh with no signs of wanting to betray either one of them. 

Let us if leaving the defense of the Empire in the hands of this young woman brings prosperity or crushing defeat.

  • Power Struggle 37.33% 37.33%
  • Diplomacy (Lead) 41.77% 41.77%
  • Intrigue (Lead) 50% 50%

Kenneth (Mikey) Stollings III

Media Specialist / Sales Associate

Riding in from Lake Erie like with a self created confidence, the favorite son of the Empire docked his ship into the Royal Harbor and decided that he would take his place among the Noble Houses of Immortals Inc.  He made promises that the glory of Immortals Inc would be heard worldwide and revered by men and women far and wide; he explained that he would bring further greatness to everyone.

Diana wept tears of joy at the news.  Carlos smirked…and said, ‘Show me’.  What Mikey lacked in game knowledge he made up for in what was later learned to be called ‘tech-no-logy’.   

We hope all goes well…

  • Power Struggle 2.89% 2.89%
  • Diplomacy (Lead) 92.22% 92.22%
  • Intrigue (Lead) 72.44% 72.44%

Lauren Kuzma

Sales Associate

Brought in by Diana and Rebekka to help in hunting down the elusive demon known as ‘Pi-Ka-Cthu’ with her previous and current experience in corralling and monitoring similarly small demons, she has been a handful herself.  Lauren shows great knowledge in the history of strange and unusual games and history, even those from the Far East.

Carlos believes that dealing with some many small demons on a regular basis has caused her to slowly adapt their ways and mannerisms, but her knowledge in the subject is second to none.


  • Power Struggle 80.83% 80.83%
  • Diplomacy (Lead) 13.22% 13.22%
  • Intrigue (Lead) 30.89% 30.89%

Nancy Salvatore

Assistant to the Manager / Sales Associate

Nancy has been loyal to the Empire, so loyal in fact that she has dug deep into the ancient tunnel and storage areas of Immortals Inc and found lost and forgotten treasures.  Recently she has found many objects from distant lands that are almost priceless.  

She was told to keep on digging and searching and has been left to her own devices.  Carlos and Josh are not sure on where she finds these cards, but other Empires have not complained of their treasuries being pilfired so they have decided to not ask questions.

Nancy is assistant to the store manager and also doubles as a Sales Associate.

It is best to keep on eye on this young lady…she is learning the supplies and goods better than anyone would have thought.  She will be a powerful ally if she ever chooses a side.

Nancy was a true neutral during the in-fighting and was left alone from both sides.  Both Josh and Carlos know that she cares for The Hound and makes sure he stays health so that he can continue to inspire fear in all those around him.

Loyal to a fault to Josh, Nancy has proved to be an able bodied assistant to the Empire.  Never once has she put a blemish on the face of IMMORTALS INC and she would do anything for any member of the family.  Even though she is kind hearted and loving, more than one person has suffered at the wraith that Nancy can bring down upon an offensive being.  Rumors are whispered throughout the Empire that Nancy is some sort of Witch or Elemental sent to guard Josh as he attempts to achieve some unknown purpose.

Nancy goes to great pains to make sure all of the IMMORTALS INC. family is cared for and never asks for anything in return.  This unquestionable loyalty to Josh makes Carlos wonder her true intentions, but for now it seems he is content with her positions and simply watches and waits.


Grayton Lowenfeld

Sales Associate

Initially Carlos was afraid to have goblins on the payroll, but as time passed he found that this Grayton creature was knowledgeable, hard working and most importantly, could lift heavy things. Proving himself a sturdy worker he earned himself a position of trust within this humble Empire. 

Soon, Carlos hopes to see his abilities on the field of battle.  Let’s hope he does well…

While Diana and Josh were searching the less accessible areas of the Empire, they happened upon a cave located near a lake.  Hoping to find gems or rare shells they sent a party to explore this cavern. To the worker’s surprise they found that a small cave goblin already searching for gems and ‘shiny things’.  This goblin, who referred to himself as Grayton, had amassed a very nice pile of trinkets and was great at finding more.

Diana immediately saw the potential in such a hard worker that she hired him to keep digging and finding all the shiny things he wanted…as long as he gave some to Diana.  Grayton seemed thrilled at being a paid prospector and jumped back into his cave to continue his life’s work.

While Josh thinks this a great idea, he dreads telling Carlos that they now have a goblin on the payroll…



Great Hound of the North and Master of All that He Sees

Because of the pandemic, Cyrus’ constant supply of free food and tributes has run dry.  He wanders the wastelands in search of prey and new sources of food.  Even with this lack of constant visitors and gifts he still seems to be getting fatter and tougher.  

Carlos thinks he is just going through a growth spurt and answers no more questions.  It seems that when people ask too many times about Cyrus’ rapid growth they go missing the next day and Cyrus seems a little larger.

Carlos insists that these two things are unrelated….

The Hound is unhappy…a brother that he did not know of has arrived at the kennel.  He plots…and he waits.

For now, Cyrus resides with the Estate of Carlos…as long as the food train keeps rolling anyway.

Cyrus, being a creature of instinct, joins in the fray…killing and destroying anyone or anything  on either side of the coup attempt by Josh. Josh did use him against Carlos by having him handle Marten, but that loyalty did not last long.  Carlos saw that Cyrus could be controlled with food. Using that knowledge Carlos brought The Great Hound unlimited steak and steak bones…far greater feast then the mere chicken nuggets offered by Josh.

Cyrus was born on an unholy union between a dog named ‘Dog’ owned by Max from Australia and a doberman possessed by a European name Hugo Drax.  Cyrus roams the lands owned by the Empire and only allows those he deems worthy into the territories. Once an individual has been accepted into the land Cyrus no longer cares for that person’s wants or desires.

No one is really sure who ‘owns’ this magnificent beast.  He appears to be a companion to Josh and has a special affinity for Diana.  Carlos and Cyrus seem to work together to patrol and secure the borders of the IMMORTALS INC Empire… but then again, they may be just probing each other’s weaknesses to see who will fall first….



Court Jester, also known as He Who cannot be left Alone

To say that this strange creature has grown is an understatement.  His leg length alone has caused him to match the speed of the fastest warhorse in the Empire’s stables.  Diana has said that once Elliott stops tripping over his own feet she may take him as her most majestic steed.

While on a mission to South to deal with a Cultist problem, Carlos took refuge in an abandoned farm house.  The farm house seemed safe enough, but he was leery of the numerous chicken carcasses found all over the farm.  Setting some traps around the area Carlos settled in for a restless night of sleep.

Early the next morning Carlos found that one of his traps had been sprung and he had caught himself a ‘spotted demon’.  Carlos immediately questioned the demon’s intelligence as even as it was secured bound by ropes, it still attempted to eat the rations out of a backpack that was suspended at least 6 feet in the air.  To Carlos’ surprise he found that even while bound the demon had managed to eat over half of the rations!

Angry and hungry, Carlos leashed the demon to his side and dragged him back to the castle.  At the castle Carlos ordered the staff to slow roast the demon so that he could be enjoyed over a bed of rice.  Before being made the final ingredient, Queen Diana appeared and fell in love with this four legged, spotted and often confused looking beast of the dark realms.  After a ‘lively’ debate, the Queen left with the spotted demon who now enjoy status as her personal jester.

Carlos and Cyrus are in the early stages of a plan to handle this matter.


Nate Elwood

Podcast Co-Host

SEASON 3: The Rise

Already a Watermancer of great renown, Nate came forward and offered his expertise in making the Empire’s Naval fleet stronger and more powerful.  Carlos, hearing about his great deeds and impressed with his abilities, was honored to have such a valiant conjurer lend his skills to his humble Empire.  

Nate is the Co-Host to the Immortals Inc Podcast and specializes in reviews of  past and present role-playing games.


Shleigh Braun

Online Sales and Shipping Specialist / Sales Associate

SEASON 3: The Rise

Diana and Josh were able to silently slip this young lady into the daily workings of the stronghold.  She is an old friend of both of them from a land and a time long ago. Carlos at first demanded that she be cast out as a witch, but was soon calmed down by Diana. Diana assured him that Shleigh was of good lineage and would be a great asset to our cause. To everyone’s surprise she has done very good work. Carlos is waiting to see if the community accepts her before he makes a final decision…we shall see…

Shleigh handles all our TCG Sales and Shipping.  She also sorts out collections for sale and trade.


Chris Frace

Online Sales and Shipping Specialist / Sales Associate / Card Appraisal

SEASON 2: The Coup

Chris appeared in the Empire cold and hungry.  Carlos saw him initially as a rough asset and Josh wanted him thrown from the Empire immediately.  Diana took Chris in, fed and clothed him and then offered him work.

Diana had Marten teach Chris all that he could and soon proved to be a loyal subject of the Empire.  When Josh had Marten dragged away by Cyrus, Diana had Chris step into Marten’s shoes and hold that part of the Empire together.  Carlos is rough on Chris, but knows he is a staunch ally and good for the Kingdom.

Chris does keep an eye on Josh and Cyrus…he knows what that team has done to his predecessor….

Chris does all our TCGPlayer listing and shipping.  He also specializes in taking in trades on card singles and collection.  Chris has an extensive knowledge of Magic: The Gathering and CARDFIGHT! Vanguard.


Marten Dollinger

SEASON 1: Beginnings

Moving quickly and quietly, Marten has been brought in to let our Empire be discovered worldwide.  Like an ambassador to the world he can bring news our greatness over large tracts of land and huge bodies of water.

Carlos approves and endorses Marten’s work.  Is Marten a secretive agent that Carlos keeps within the Empire to monitor all  of its aspects…or is he simply a mercenary that gains fame or fortune when this Empire does?  Josh should pay close attention to this one….

SEASON 2: The Coup

Marten was too smart for Josh to allow him to continue to help Carlos.  Fearing that Marten may give Carlos some much needed intelligence, Josh bribed The Hound Cyrus with chicken nuggets to handle Marten.  

Marten was last seen being dragged away by a pack of wild dogs while Cyrus slowly circled them….


Taylor Hutchinson

SEASON 1: Beginnings

Brought into the Empire by Josh, Taylor can only be described as a jeweler.  He can grade, catalog and place value on a large amount of cards and collections in a fraction of the time it took before.  This has helped a great deal to fill the Empire’s coffers and has built our ability to reach more and more customers.

While Carlos is pleased with this fact, it has not gone unnoticed that he is very loyal to Josh…maybe a little too loyal.  What plans do they have?

SEASON 2: The Coup

Taylor’s loyalty to Josh was too great a risk to Carlos.  Carlos put a price on his head and Taylor was last seen fighting his way out of a burning pub as Carlos’ minions chased him into the Dark Forest.


Aereana Robles

SEASON 1: Beginnings

Daughter to Carlos, Aereana has a natural ability to find humor in what most people would consider traumatic situations.  Gifted at birth with the magical ability known as ‘the sugars’, she has an uncanny ability to use any pointed weapon with skill of an expert.  Recognizing this ability early, she was sent to the secret CAMP HO MIDA KODA to complete her ninja training, honing her supernatural abilities to become a lethal shadow in the night.  While not often used by her father, she is usually sent in quickly and quietly to remove or ‘neutralize’ any threats to the Empire.

In the last few years Aereana has continued her advanced ‘training’ and hopes to return  to the Empire a ruthless fighter and warrior princess.

SEASON 2: The Coup

Using a network of spies Aereana was able to see Josh’s attempted coup of her father and warn him before too much damage was done.  Before Josh could extract his revenge and blame someone for the failed coup, Aereana fled the kingdom with a barbarian from the South so that they may build their own realm until she is powerful enough to return.


Brock Close

SEASON 1: Beginnings

Feeling the pressure from all sides Carlos has called back his ancient friend Brock from his diplomatic duties that carried him across many different lands and seas.  Brock has returned and has assured the rest of the players in the Empire that he is here to help and befriend all that he can.

Josh, as always is leery of this ‘wanderers’ return and questions on why Carlos keeps his so close.  Does Brock have leverage against Carlos? Josh’s spy networks are yet to reveal any useful information.  For now, Josh must simply wait and stay alert….

SEASON 2: The Coup

Brock, being both wise and stealthy, saw the battle of Josh and Carlos coming and felt it would be better to watch from a distance and makes friends with whoever is left standing.  Brock pulled from his pouch of many wonders a strange 3 legged big eyed animal with the power of flight. As he flew out of site Brock could be heard yelling, ‘Don’t touch my stuff…I shall return!’